Doorglass Overview

Transforming spaces with precision and style – our door company specializes in crafting high-quality doors for both residential homes and commercial buildings.

Our range of meticulously crafted doorglass options not only allow ample sunlight to grace your interiors but also elevate the panorama visible through your entrance.

By offering an extensive selection of doorlite designs, we ensure that each customer can find the perfect fit for their unique personality and style, ultimately adding a touch of personalized elegance to their home.

Whether you prefer the timeless sophistication of traditional designs, the chic modernity of contemporary styles, or anything in between, our doorlite collection offers an abundance of options for you to explore. Immerse yourself in the sheer range of styles, shapes, and patterns available, ensuring that you have the freedom to select the door glass that perfectly aligns with your individual preferences and desired atmosphere.

Please visit our manufactures website for photos and options Click here

We also offer ODL glass inserts. To check out their products, please click here.
To use their on-line Door Stylizer to see what your choices will look like, click here.

Decorative Doorglass

Your front entry door is the focal point of your home. Beautiful decorative doorglass can enhance first impressions, compliment your home's architecture, and set your home apart from the rest.

Clear Doorglass

The clear glass collection includes simulated divided lites (SDLs), grilles-between-glass, external grilles, privacy glass, and ventlites. Find the doorglass with the right combination of architectural style and functionality to meet your needs.

Enclosed Blinds

Our dust-free doorglass blinds-between-the-glass let you easily control privacy and light. Adjust from full light and visibility to complete privacy or anywhere in between, with fingertip control.

Severe Weather

We offer a wide range of doorglass rated for severe weather, for those living in high-velocity wind zones. Our severe weather door lites are certified to meet Texas and Florida building codes and windborne debris protection requirements. Decorative, clear, and blinds-between-glass options mean there's no need to sacrifice natural light or style to have protection from severe weather.

Craftsman Doorglass

The Craftsman collection offers a unique group of decorative and clear-glass doorlites specifically designed for the Craftsman-style home. Whether you have a Craftsman, cottage, bungalow, or prairie style home—or simply love the look of Craftsman doorglass—there is a Craftsman doorglass design for you!

Decorative Patio Doors

Decorative patio doorglass lets you bring the outdoors in while adding a touch of elegance to your French patio doors.


Commerical Doors

Panic Bar


INSTEAD OF REPLACING YOUR ENTIRE DOOR & FRAME... Is your fiberglass door in great shape, you just want to add a decorative glass insert? We can help!!


Are your doors difficult to open?

Do they slide very rough?

We can Replace the Rollers or put a Cap Track Over the Existing Track!

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We offer a few different options for Garage Screens. Your decision should be based on what is best for you.

Convert your garage Into that extra room to enjoy! Some love to give their pets the view but need to keep them confined. The cross ventilation and light you'll gain with a Garage Enclosure will give you more useable space without costly renovations and keeps pests out!

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These screens are called a 4-Track Slider (shown in photos below).

This is screen panels that slides on a track. Each section can be locked.

This enclosure has interlocking vents and full length handles that slide smoothly to one side to allow full access to your garage. Screened vents keep out insects, admit plenty of light and provide energy-saving cross ventilation. Simply slide one vent and the rest will follow. Security locks installed in factory. Here is what they look like installed. Available in either white or bronze frame. ​

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An Example of this 4-Track Garage Screen is on Display in our Showroom.



What brand window and sliding glass doors do you install?

Pasco Window & Door installs both PGT and CWS (made my Pella) products.

If I have bought windows or doors elsewhere, will you install them?

We are sorry we do not. In order for us to stand behind our install, we make sure that the right product is being installed. This means a product that meets current building codes and is the proper size for the opening. We custom order our products so that there is an exact fit. This is much different than buying something off of the shelf and making it fit.

What is the difference between hurricane impact and non-impact windows?

A Hurricane Impact Window is a 3-layer window that cannot be broken through. The outer layer can break (similar to a car windshield) but the inside will not break, they are designed with reinforced frames and impact-resistant glass. A non-impact window can break all the way through.

What are the advantages of hurricane impact windows?

There are many advantages to choosing hurricane impact windows.

Security: Your windows or sliding glass doors cannot be broken with and ax, hammer, or any other tools. This includes strong winds blowing debris like tree branches or anything unsecured that can smash into your windows. These things will NOT come through the glass, therefore, will keep your family safe and not damage the inside of your home.

Noise Reduction: These windows will dramatically reduce the amount of noise you hear from outside noise like garbage trucks, dogs barking, etc.

Increase the Value of Your Home: Not only will new products make your home more aesthetically appealing, the many benefits of these products will increase the value of your home.

Reduce Electric Bill: These are energy efficient products that will help reduce your power usage, lowering your energy bill.

UV Protection: The Low E that is in the glass deflects the suns UV rays, keeping your home cooler and protecting your home from rays that can fade your furniture, floors, etc.. This also helps reduce your energy bill.

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Do I need a permit for my install?

Yes. All new product installs (windows, exterior doors, sliding glass doors, hurricane shutters, screen rooms, etc.) are all required to have a county building permit issued. However, repairs, such as replacing glass does NOT require a building permit.

Does Pasco Window & Door complete the Permit Application and file with the county?

Absolutely! We do all of the paperwork, file the application and get the issued Permit.

Decorative Door Glass: What options do I have for Door Glass?

We use (3) different Door Manufacturers. Each have different decorative glass options available in different sizes.

Please see our website for links to the manufacturers’ websites.

Can you add a sun room porch to my home?

Yes! We sure can. We create sun / glass rooms, vinyl rooms or screen rooms. We can build off of an existing slab or create one from scratch.

Once my job is complete, when is the work inspected by a county Inspector?

Once Pasco Window & Door completes your job, we like to have the Inspector come the next business day. If your schedule does not allow, we schedule it for a day that you are available to be home for the inspection.

Does Pasco Window & Door fix broken windows?

Yes! Pasco Window & Door has Service Technicians that will come to your home to replace glass, screen, vinyl, replace window cranks and balancers (a window balancer is the part that gives the window tension to hold it up when opened).We have replaced thousands of these.

My sliding glass doors are not working properly and are hard to open and close can you help with that?

No Problem! Pasco Window & Door replaces the rollers on sliding glass doors or can even cap the track to give customers sliding glass doors that will roll like new!

Can I come in and buy window parts from you to do the repairs myself?

Yes! We have an on-site service department that sells thousands of replacement parts, including rollers, glass, screen, cranks, bug sweeps, beading, etc... If possible, we always suggest you bring the part in with you so that we can be sure to sell you what you need.

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